Hakuba Restaurant Takeout Options

As we all are adjusting our lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are increasingly encouraged to refrain from unnecessary outings and avoiding busy public places. Staying home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Hakuba’s delicious diversity of food options, though! More and more restaurants in Hakuba are offering take-out options – take a break from cooking and treat yourself from the comfort (and safety!) of your own chalet.

Hakuba Restaurants that do take-away foods


The Campfire Sushi:
Conveniently located in Echoland, newly opened “Campfire Sushi” sources seafood from all over Japan (Itoigawa, Hokkaido, Tsukiji) to ensure the freshest quality, and offers take away sushi & bento options.


Issei “Neo”
Issei specializes in Katsudon, a deep fried pork cutlet served on rice, and uses a local brand of pork (Hakuba But a), which is absolutely delicious, and available for take out. https://goo.gl/maps/7qLTcFnPLCHNEe3D6


Teppan Dining Yamanami
Yamanami, Hakuba’s go to for teppanyaki, offers their steak-donburi (grilled beef on rice), an assorted meat platter, and sides on their take out menu – and has been very popular with our guests. Take out only served until 6:30pm, so place your order early!

Offers delicious lunch and dinner – Tonkatsu – fried pork cutlets. Also offers chicken, fish, oyster and prawns cutlets.
https://goo.gl/maps/UC4mTgxVcuL2dQeY9 +81-261-85-0803



The Pub
If you’re looking for burgers, pizzas, salads, fish and chips, chicken parmigiana, and other crowd pleasing foods – The Pub offers it all. Eat in / take out / delivery available.


Mon Pigeon
This cozy cafe has a whole range of delectable sweets in their display fridge, ready to go for take out. Min Pigeon also serves pizza and Calzone on their take out menu.



Mercato offers a wide range of deli style Italian dishes – perfect for wine night!



Hakuba Hanten
Hakuba Hanten serves the best Chinese food in the valley – and they offer take out!
Their big menu is bound to appeal to pallets of all types.



The Taco Shack
One of the newcomers in Hakuba’s restaurant scene, The Taco Shack, packs a serious punch of spice and flavor. They offer their various burritos for take out. https://goo.gl/maps/K8dSpYchkik1dmw68