Term & Conditions

You accept these terms and conditions in full when you place a booking with our company directly or via an agent.

(1) All offers, prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change or withdrawal without notice until a confirmation is issued.

(2) Prices are stated in Japanese Yen and include a 10% Japanese consumption tax.

(3) Descriptions and details of our services are subject to potential changes at any time.

(4) The accommodation total stated on the confirmation is specific to the guest and accommodation reserved. Each house has a standard guest capacity and a separate maximum legal capacity. Any increase to the number of guests exceeding the standard capacity will incur an extra per-guest nightly fee. Infants aged 0 and above, as well as young children, are considered guests and count towards the maximum legal capacity of the accommodation. Whether infants and young children count towards the standard guest capacity is at the discretion of the property management company.

(5) Overbooking policy: Our company reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event of an overbooking situation. We will make all reasonable efforts to assist the guest in finding alternative accommodation of a similar or comparable standard. If alternative accommodation is provided, any difference in the accommodation fees will be the guest’s responsibility.

(6) Double booking clause: In rare circumstances, your booking may be subject to cancellation due to a double booking caused by a system error. If this occurs, we will notify you promptly and offer to relocate you to another available accommodation or provide a full refund.

(7) Room availability guarantee: We make every effort to honor all reservations and utilize software to minimize instances of unavailability. However, if circumstances beyond our control prevent us from providing the reserved room (e.g., double booking, room unavailability, technical issues), we will strive to offer alternative accommodation of equivalent standard. If alternative accommodation is not available, a full refund of the reservation deposit will be provided.

(8) Price discrepancy: Our company reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event of a pricing error. Such errors may result from technical issues, human error, misunderstandings, or miscommunications. A pricing error refers to cases where the price listed on our website or on an online travel agent’s website is lower than the agreed-upon pricing between the property owner and the property management company, or if the price on an online travel agent’s website is less than the price listed on our company’s website for the same dates. In such rare cases, we will assist the guest in finding alternative accommodation.

(9) Force Majeure: Please refer to the section below for details.


(1) Payment of the deposit is required before a booking can be confirmed.

(2) For winter bookings, defined as checking-in between December 1 and March 31:

(a) If the confirmation date is more than 60 days before check-in, the deposit is 30% of the total accommodation rate and is not refundable. For bookings that stay over Dec 31st or Official Lunar Year Date of that specific year, the payment amount of 100% is required and is non-refundable. Early bird discounts or other promotional offers are non-refundable and require 100% payment upfront.

(b) If the confirmation date is 60 days or less before check-in, the payment amount is 100% of the accommodation total and is not refundable.

(3) The following applies to Green Season bookings, defined as checking-in between April 1 and November 30:

(a) A 30% deposit is required upon booking and refundable up to 21 days before check-in. The balance of the accommodation total is due 21 days before arrival and is not refundable.

(4) In case of Japan government policies enforcing a border closure due to COVID-19, we will offer refunds by request, minus any transfer fees.

(5) Payment method: We accept credit card, bank transfers, and payments through services like wise.com. Bank transfer fees must be paid for by the party placing the booking. A 3.25% transaction fee will apply when paying by credit card. All payments must be made in Japanese Yen.

Cancellation by the Guest

(1) The following applies to bookings checking-in between December 1 and March 31:

(a) Cancellation within 2 days of confirmation but more than 60 days before check-in: Full refund minus any transfer fees and exchange rate losses.

(b) Cancellation after 2 days of confirmation. Any payment made is forfeited.

(2) The following applies to bookings checking-in between April 1 and November 30:

(a) Cancellation more than 21 days before check-in: Full refund.

(b) Cancellation 21 days or less before check-in: 100% of the accommodation total.

(3) Any refund will be paid via a bank transfer or credited to a credit card, minus any transfer fees and exchange rate losses.

Cancellation by the Property Management Company

The property management company reserves the right to cancel the accommodation contract under the following circumstances:

(1) If the guest engages in or is likely to engage in conduct that violates the law, goes against public order and good morals, or is detrimental to the property management company’s reputation.

(2) If the guest is suspected or found to have an infectious disease or a contagious condition that poses a risk to others.

(3) If accommodating the guest would impose an unreasonable burden on the property management company.

(4) If the guest is intoxicated to a degree that may disturb other guests or engages in disruptive behavior that significantly disturbs the peace and comfort of others.

(5) If the guest fails to comply with the property’s rules and regulations.

(6) If the guest violates any specific prohibitions outlined in the house regulations, such as smoking in restricted areas or misusing fire safety equipment. (Prohibitions are established to prevent fire hazards).

(7) If the guest is associated with organized crime groups, including but not limited to being a member, having ties, or being part of an organization with connections to organized crime.

(8) If the guest represents a corporate entity or organization controlled by organized crime groups, or has board members who are considered members of organized crime groups.

(9) If the guest has made previous intimidating or unfair requests to the property management company or its employees, including threats, violence, blackmail, or burdensome demands, whether at the current property or a different property.

(10) If the guest refuses to provide the necessary information as requested in accordance with Article 8.

(11) If the property management company determines that the guest has used the property for purposes other than accommodation, such as parties, gatherings, business activities, exhibitions, sales activities, or commercial photography, without prior authorization from the property management company.

(12) Additionally, please refer to the Booking section for information regarding our Overbooking Policy, Double Booking Clause, Room Availability Guarantee, and Price Discrepancy policies.

Please note that the property management company is committed to ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for all guests. The aforementioned policies are in place to maintain the integrity of our accommodations and the well-being of our guests.

Guest Services & Third Party Services

(1) Our company acts as an intermediary in facilitating bookings for various 3rd party services related to your stay. The payment and cancellation policies of these service providers may differ from our company’s terms and conditions. In certain instances, we may require advance payment for securing the requested services prior to your stay. Upon check-in, we will request a credit card for incidentals, which may also be used for settling any outstanding payments for third-party services that the guest has reserved but failed to pay. In the event that we receive notification from a third party regarding the use of their services without proper payment, our company reserves the right to settle the outstanding amount on behalf of the guest using the registered credit card. We do not accept Wise credit cards or similar services. White Fox Co reserves the right to put a hold on your credit card for the duration of your stay.

(2) For restaurant bookings, we maintain a strict 24-hour cancellation & amendment policy. Any modifications or cancellations to reservations must be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled reservation date and time. Failure to comply with this policy, including no-shows, arriving late or cancellations within the 24-hour period, will result in our company charging a fee of 3000 yen per guest as compensation for the inconvenience caused. This fee is paid directly to the restaurant. In some cases, the restaurant policy may be higher than 3000 yen per person or longer than 24-hour cancellation policy. In these cases, the restaurants policies will take precident over White Fox policy and we will enforce their policy. This policy is to maintain our good standing with restaurants and allow all White Fox Co guests to continue to book the most popular restaurants.

(3) Any refunds issue will be in full, minus any transfer fees or costs incurred by our company.


(1) An extra person nightly fee applies to any booking over the standard number of people in an accommodation where we approve. Additional guests will be accommodated on Japanese futons.

(2) The maximum legal number of guests per accommodation may not be exceeded.

(3) Children aged 0 years and above count as an occupant. but do not incur the extra person charge for up to 1 child if extra bedding is not required.


(1) As a property management company, we maintain the right to change or upgrade accommodations with those of a comparable quality and type. In the event that we are unable to offer accommodations of an equivalent standard in the aforementioned circumstances, we will refund the Yen amount paid. Accommodation standard is determined our company.

(2) No part of the accommodation or stay may be sublet to a third party without the written approval of Hakuba White Fox Co. All persons staying in the accommodation must be recorded on the booking and abide by these terms and conditions.

(3) During your stay with us, we want to emphasize that the responsibility for your personal belongings rests solely with you. This includes but is not limited to your car, any items brought with you, items purchased during your stay, or items rented from external providers. While Japan is considered a very safe country with low crime rates, we strongly recommend exercising caution and taking appropriate measures to safeguard your possessions. While we strive to maintain a secure and safe environment, our property management company cannot assume responsibility for any loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings. We encourage you to ensure the security of your valuables by locking your accommodations, and taking advantage of any additional security measures provided. Your possessions are valuable and deserve your attention and care throughout your stay.


(1) A parking space is provided at each accommodation. These are provided as-is. While we provide designated parking areas for each property, we want to clarify that our property management company cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your vehicle. Please refrain from parking in unauthorized areas or on neighboring properties. It is important to respect the boundaries of our neighbor’s properties and avoid driving over or through them. Please be aware that neighbors have taken action in the past, including contacting the police, arranging for vehicle towing, or requesting compensation for any infringements. We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines to maintain a harmonious environment for all guests and neighbors.

(2) We cannot be held liable for any damage to vehicles caused by natural events such as storms, falling branches, or other acts of nature. We encourage you to take necessary precautions and park your vehicle in areas to minimize any potential risks. Damage to “acts of god” events are not covered by insurance. Please park to avoid any issues.


(1) By booking our properties, the guest accepts responsibility for any damage to the property. This includes furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, kitchenware, and anything on the property. It is the guest’s responsibility to inform the property management company of any damage so that repairs can be made in a timely manner.

(2) All of our properties have a strict no shoes, ski boots, snowboard boots or outerwear inside the home, except for the initial shoe area immediately inside the front door. Damage regularly exceeds 100,000 JPY for even the simplest damage to a wall or floor.

(3) A valid credit card is required as a security deposit, and you authorize us to charge all fees and charges properly chargeable under this agreement to that credit card.


(1) Check In Time is 15:00. Check Out Time is 10:00. Guests must leave the accommodation by check out time.

(2) Japanese law requires that we obtain all guests’ full names, nationalities, passport numbers, postal addresses, and occupations at check-in.

(3) If the accommodation was paid for by credit card, the card must be presented at check-in for verification.


(1) For stays of 5-7 nights, we offer one complete accommodation cleaning and linen change between the check-in and check-out dates. This is referred to as a “middle of stay clean” or “middle clean.” For stays of 8 nights or longer, we provide two full accommodation cleanings and linen changes. Middle clean dates are pre-scheduled and communicated to the guest during check-in. If guests wish to have more frequent cleanings, they may request them for an additional fee. However, please note that our company cannot guarantee the fulfillment of such requests or changes to the dates of middle of stay cleans.

(2) Apart from the middle cleanings, guests are expected to empty any full rubbish bins and place them in the designated large rubbish bin located outside the accommodation. A rubbish removal company will visit multiple times per week to collect rubbish from the outside bin. There are extra rubbish bags in the kitchen.

(3) Each accommodation is stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hand soap. We also provide tea, coffee, sugar, olive oil, salt, and pepper. In the kitchen, guests will find dishwasher powder, aluminum foil, cling wrap, and paper towels. Additionally, we supply laundry washing powder, tissues, and cleaning products. Should guests require more of any of these items, they can make a request to our staff. These are also refilled during the middle cleans if needed.

(4) If guests are shown to be ill, our company reserves the right to delay, modify, or restrict services. This is avoid becoming ill, prevent the spread of illness within the housekeeping and guest facing teams, and maintain operational stability.


(1) We enforce a strict no-pet policy for most of our accommodation units unless otherwise stated. Cherrywoods Place, Grey Wolf Chalet, Black Crane Chalet, and Ahiru Chalet accept dogs. Dogs must be house trained and non-puppy. We require a prepaid 100,000 JPY damage deposit and a non-refundable 20,000 JPY cleaning fee. Dogs must be kept in provided cages while the guests are out of the house. The deposit will be refunded after checkout if there is no damage. If there is damage, we will require the guest to pay to fix it either through the deposit or an invoice once an estimate has been obtained.


(1) All our properties are non-smoking. Some properties do not have an outside covered smoking area.

(2) Smoking, vaping, and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in all of our chalets.

(3) If guests smoke in the accommodation and continue to smoke after being requested to stop, we may evict the group or any individual from the accommodation without any refund.

(4) In the event that guests engage in smoking within the accommodation premises, despite being instructed to cease, we reserve the right to evict either the entire group or individual guests from the premises without providing any refund. Moreover, if any member of the group has smoked in the accommodation, additional cleaning expenses will be imposed. Furthermore, costs associated with compensating subsequent guests who are affected by the lingering smell of smoke or compensating the accommodation owner for relocating bookings to alternative rooms may also be charged. The minimum fee for such incidents will be equivalent to the average nightly booking rate of the stay, but it may be subject to increase based on the circumstances.

Online Booking Sites

(1) Our properties are listed on online booking sites. If you are booking with an online booking site, please note that the cancellation terms may be different due to limitations of the website.

(2) Due to increased fake bookings from overseas, we require a response from our guests. Upon check-in, we will also take copies of passports and the credit card used for payment. If we can’t verify a guest or don’t receive a response, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Travel Insurance and Liability

(1) Hakuba White Fox Co. operates wholly in Japan, and the law of Japan applies to all services provided. Where agents and principals offer services, the bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions of the agent or principal.

(2) Subject to Japanese law, Hakuba White Fox Co., our agents and principals are not liable for any loss, damage, delay, consequential loss, injury, or death resulting from any act, alteration, or omission by Hakuba White Fox Co., our agents or principals, any third party, an act of God, or other circumstances.

(3) We expect guests to protect themselves against all travel risks, including the possibility of having to cancel a holiday or alter travel dates, with appropriate travel insurance, which they arrange at the time they pay their deposit.

Force Majeure

In the event that the provision of accommodation services is hindered, delayed, or rendered impossible due to a force majeure event, the property management company shall not be held liable for any failure to provide accommodation as agreed upon. A force majeure event refers to any event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the property management company, including, but not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, government regulations, strikes, lockouts, or any other event that is beyond the control of the property management company.

During the occurrence of a force majeure event, the property management company shall make reasonable efforts to mitigate the effects and minimize disruption to the provision of accommodation services. This may include, but is not limited to, assisting guests in finding alternative accommodation options or refunding the applicable fees.

In the event that a force majeure event occurs, the property management company shall promptly notify the affected guests and provide them with relevant information regarding the situation and any alternative arrangements that may be available.

If the force majeure event prevents the property management company from fulfilling its obligations to provide accommodation services for a significant duration, either party may terminate the agreement by providing written notice to the other party. In such case, the property management company shall refund any applicable fees paid by the guests for the unfulfilled accommodation services, minus any costs already incurred by the property management company directly related to the provision of accommodation.

It is understood that the property management company shall not be liable for any additional costs or damages incurred by guests as a result of the force majeure event, including, but not limited to, travel expenses, alternative accommodation costs, or any other consequential losses.

This force majeure clause shall be governed by the laws of Japan and shall apply to all accommodation services provided by the property management company.

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2022



予約 (1) すべてのオファー、価格、条件は確認が発行されるまで予告なく変更または取り消しとなる場合があります。

(2) 価格は日本円で表示され、日本国内の消費税が10%含まれています。

(3) 弊社のサービスの説明や詳細は、いつでも変更される可能性があります。

(4) 確認書に記載された宿泊合計料金は、ゲストと予約した宿泊施設に対してのものです。各宿には標準のゲスト収容人数と別途の最大法定収容人数が設定されています。標準収容人数を超えるゲスト数の増加は、ゲスト一人当たりの追加料金が発生します。0歳以上の幼児と幼い子供もゲストとして数え、宿泊施設の最大法定収容人数に含まれます。幼児と幼い子供が標準のゲスト収容人数に含まれるかどうかは、物件管理会社の裁量によります。

(5) オーバーブッキングに関するポリシー:オーバーブッキングの状況において、弊社は予約をキャンセルする権利を有します。ゲストに代わる同等の基準に合致する代替の宿泊施設を見つけるため、合理的な努力をします。代替の宿泊施設が提供される場合、宿泊料の差額はゲストの責任となります。

(6) 二重予約に関する条項:稀な状況では、システムエラーによる二重予約のために予約がキャンセルされる場合があります。そのような場合は、すみやかに通知し、別の利用可能な宿泊施設に移動するか、全額返金を提供します。

(7) 部屋の利用可能性保証:すべての予約を尊重し、ソフトウェアを使用して利用できない場合を最小限に抑えるよう努めますが、我々のコントロールを超える状況により、予約した部屋を提供できない場合(例:二重予約、部屋の利用不能、技術的な問題)、同等の基準の代替宿泊施設を提供するよう努めます。代替の宿泊施設が利用できない場合、予約デポジットを全額返金します。

(8) 価格の相違:我々は価格エラーの場合、予約をキャンセルする権利を有します。これらのエラーは、技術的な問題、人為的なエラー、誤解、またはコミュニケーションの問題による場合があります。価格エラーとは、弊社のウェブサイトまたはオンライン旅行代理店のウェブサイトに掲載されている価格が、物件オーナーと物件管理会社の合意した価格よりも低い場合、または同じ日程の場合、オンライン旅行代理店のウェブサイトの価格が弊社のウェブサイトに掲載されている価格よりも低い場合を指します。このような稀なケースでは、ゲストに代わる代替の宿泊施設を見つけるのを手助けします。

(9) 不可抗力条項:詳細は以下のセクションをご参照ください。


(1) 予約を確定する前にデポジットのお支払いが必要です。

(2) 冬期予約(12月1日から3月31日までにチェックイン)の場合:

(a) 確認日がチェックイン日の60日前を超える場合、デポジットは合計宿泊料金の30%で、返金はありません。12月31日を含む予約については、100%の支払いが必要であり、返金はありません。

(b) 確認日がチェックイン日の60日以内の場合、支払い額は合計宿泊料金の100%であり、返金はありません。

(3) グリーンシーズン予約(4月1日から11月30日までにチェックイン)の場合:

(a) 予約時に30%のデポジットが必要で、チェックインの21日前までに返金可能です。宿泊料金の残額はチェックインの21日前までに支払い、返金はありません。

(4) 日本政府のCOVID-19による国境封鎖政策の場合、リクエストに応じて払い戻しを提供しますが、振込手数料を差し引いて行います。

(5) お支払い方法:クレジットカード、銀行振込、wise.comなどのサービスを受け付けています。銀行振込手数料は予約を行う側が負担する必要があります。クレジットカードで支払う場合は、取引手数料3.25%がかかります。すべての支払いは日本円で行われる必要があります。


(1) 以下は、12月1日から3月31日までのチェックイン予約に適用されます:

(a) 確認後2日以内にキャンセルされた場合、チェックインの60日前を超える場合:全額返金(振込手数料を差し引いた金額)。

(b) 確認後2日以内にキャンセルされた場合:支払い済み金額は全額没収されます。

(2) 以下は、4月1日から11月30日までのチェックイン予約に適用されます:

(a) チェックインの21日前を超えてキャンセルされた場合:全額返金。

(b) チェックインの21日以内にキャンセルされた場合:合計宿泊料金の100%。

(3) 払い戻しは、振込手数料や為替レートの差額を差し引いた金額で、銀行振込またはクレジットカードで行われます。



(1) ゲストが法律に違反する行為に関与したり、公序良俗に反したり、物件管理会社の評判を傷つける行為が予想される場合。

(2) ゲストが感染症や他人にリスクをもたらす伝染病を疑われたり発見されたりする場合。

(3) ゲストの受け入れが物件管理会社にとって不合理な負担となる場合。

(4) ゲストが他のゲストを妨げる可能性があるほど酒に酔っていたり、他のゲストの平和と快適さを著しく妨げる行動をした場合。

(5) ゲストが物件のルールと規則に違反した場合。

(6) ゲストが特定の禁止事項(制限された場所での喫煙、消防安全設備の誤用など)に違反した場合。これらの禁止事項は火災の危険を防ぐために設けられています。

(7) ゲストが暴力団に関連する組織と関係がある場合、そのメンバーである場合、または暴力団と関連のある組織に所属している場合を含む、暴力団と関連する人物である場合。

(8) ゲストが暴力団によって支配されている法人または組織を代表し、またはその取締役が暴力団と見なされる場合。

(9) ゲストが過去に物件管理会社またはその従業員に対して脅迫、暴力、恐喝、または過度の要求を含む威嚇的または不公平な要求を行った場合、現在の物件または別の物件での場合を問わず。

(10) ゲストが第8条に従って要求される必要な情報を提供しない場合。

(11) 物件管理会社がゲストが宿泊以外の目的で物件を使用していると判断した場合、例えばパーティー、集まり、ビジネス活動、展示会、営業活動、または商業撮影など、物件管理会社の事前の許可なしに。

(12) さらに、オーバーブッキングポリシー、二重予約条項、部屋の利用可能性保証、価格の相違ポリシーに関する情報については、予約セクションをご参照ください。



(1) 弊社は、滞在に関連するさまざまな第三者サービスの予約を仲介しています。これらのサービスプロバイダーの支払いとキャンセルポリシーは、弊社の利用規約とは異なる場合があります。特定の場合では、滞在前に要求されたサービスを確保するための前払いが必要な場合もあります。チェックイン時には、滞在中にかかる追加料金の清算に使用される可能性のあるクレジットカードの情報を提供していただきます。第三者サービスに対する適切な支払いがなされなかった場合には、弊社は登録されたクレジットカードを使用して未払いの金額を清算する権利を有します。

(2) レストラン予約に関しては、24時間前までのキャンセルと変更が可能となる厳格なポリシーを適用しています。予約の変更やキャンセルは予約日時の24時間前までに確認される必要があります。このポリシーに違反する(24時間以内のキャンセルまたは予約日時に現れない)場合は、弊社が不便を補償するためにゲスト1人あたり3,000円の料金をレストランに直接支払うことになります。

(3) 払い戻しに関する問題がある場合は、手数料や弊社が負担したコストを差し引いた金額で行われます。


(1) 宿泊人数が基準人数を超える場合、追加の人数ごとの宿泊料が発生します。承認された宿泊施設では、追加のゲストは日本の布団で宿泊することができます。

(2) 宿泊施設ごとに定められた最大の法定収容人数を超えることはできません。

(3) 0歳以上の子供は占有者として数えられますが、1人の子供については追加の寝具が必要ない場合、追加料金は発生しません。


(1) 弊社は物件の変更やアップグレードの権利を保持しています。上記の状況で同等の品質とタイプの宿泊施設を提供することができない場合、支払われた日本円の金額を返金します。宿泊施設の基準は弊社によって決定されます。

(2) 宿泊施設や滞在の一部を第三者にサブリースすることは、白馬ホワイトフォックス株式会社の書面による承認なしには行われないでください。宿泊施設に宿泊するすべての人は、予約に記載され、これらの利用規約に従う必要があります。

(3) 弊社での滞在中は、個人の責任で持ち物の管理をお願いします。これには、お車や持ち込まれた品、滞在中に購入した品、または外部提供者から借りた品が含まれます。日本は犯罪率が低く非常に安全な国とされていますが、十分に注意を払い、持ち物を保護するための適切な対策を取ることを強くお勧めします。私たちは安全で安心な環境を維持する努力をしていますが、物件管理会社は個人の貴重品の紛失、損傷、盗難に対して責任を負いません。貴重品のセキュリティを確保するために宿泊施設をロックし、提供される追加のセキュリティ対策を利用することをお勧めします。貴重品は大切であり、滞在中は注意とケアをしてください。


(1) 宿泊施設ごとに駐車スペースが用意されています。これらはそのまま提供されますが、弊社はお客様の車両に対する責任を負いません。駐車場内での事故や損害に対する責任は、お客様が個人的に保険をかけていることを前提としています。

(2) 駐車場での事故に関しては、公式の警察報告書を作成してください。これは保険の申し立てに必要な場合があります。


(1) ゲストは、日本の法令を遵守することが求められます。これには、所有する物件または周辺地域での営利目的の活動、大騒ぎやパーティー、公共の秩序に対する妨害、騒音や他のゲストへの不快な行為を含みます。

(2) 物件内での喫煙は厳禁です。喫煙する場合は、専用の喫煙スペースをご利用ください。

(3) 周辺地域での営利目的の活動、特に不動産を含む物品の購入や宣伝、販売は禁止されています。

(4) ゲストは、物件管理会社や地元当局のリクエストに対して協力することを承諾しています。


(1) ゲストが以下の事象により滞在が不可能となった場合、弊社はキャンセル料を免除します:

(a) 政府の非常事態宣言または国境封鎖による滞在の妨げ。

(b) 地震、洪水、火災、竜巻などの自然災害による滞在の妨げ。

(c) ゲストがパンデミックや伝染病に感染している場合。

(d) ゲストが健康上の理由で滞在が不可能な場合。

(e) その他の不可抗力による滞在の妨げ。

(2) 上記の不可抗力により滞在が中止される場合、返金が行われる場合もありますが、振込手数料などのコストはゲストが負担することがあります。

(3) 不可抗力による滞在の中止を発生させる場合は、すぐに弊社に連絡してください。証拠書類を提供する必要がある場合があります。滞在の前に必要な書類を提供できるようにしてください。


(1) 物件管理会社は、弊社で提供されるサービスに関連して直接または間接的に発生する損害や損失に対して責任を負いません。これには、個人的な傷害、物品の損傷、経済的な損失、業務の中断、利益の損失などが含まれます。

(2) 弊社は、弊社のウェブサイトまたはリストに掲載されている情報の正確性、完全性、信頼性について責任を負いません。物件の設備、サービス、価格、条件などは変更される場合があります。

(3) 物件管理会社は、ゲストが物件の利用やサービスの利用に関連して第三者による損害を受けた場合についても責任を負いません。

(4) 物件管理会社は、ゲストが提供する個人情報のセキュリティに対して完全な保証を提供することはできません。ゲストは個人情報の提供について自己の判断と責任で行動する必要があります。

(5) ゲストは、弊社の利用規約に同意することにより、物件管理会社に対して約束や保証がなされている場合でも、弊社との契約や関係に基づいて物件管理会社に対して直接または間接的な権利を主張しないことに同意します。

(6) 弊社は、物件管理会社に関連する紛争やトラブルに対して調停や裁判所での対応を行いません。ゲストと物件管理会社の間の紛争解決は、ゲストと物件管理会社の責任において行われるものとします。