Hakuba Property Management

Why Us?

White Fox Co. is a Premium Property Management company with a mission of providing a high-level service that satisfies both owners and guests. We originally were attracted to the Hakuba market because of the amazing mountains and incredible area. With the Hakuba boom of the last few years, we recognized the need for a high quality, full service property management company that is willing to put owners and guests interest first. We’re a team that want to raise the level of service provided and deliver amazing ski holidays and green season adventures. We operate all year. While it’s crucial to get winter bookings, upwards of 25% of revenue comes from non-winter rentals. We actively seek non-winter guests to maximize your returns.

Rental vs Non-Rental Property

1. Short Term Rental – Personal Use + Rental
2. Investment Only – Seeking Highest Returns

We cater to both models. As owners, we understand sometimes you want to rent your home out and sometimes you don’t want to rent it out. We fit our business to work with what works for you. If you want to book your home for a week in winter and rent it out the rest of the year, we’re happy to provide that for you. We also know many of you view Hakuba as a great investment area because of its growing tourism numbers and rising land prices. We use data driven tools to make decisions to achieve the highest returns on your investment.

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    Hakuba White Fox Co. is the brand we operate under. Our property management company legal entity name is West Valley Goudou Kaisha in Japanese and in English is known as West Valley LLC.

    「Hakuba White Fox Co.」というブランドで運営しております。 管理会社の法人名は、ウエストバレー合同会社です。