Guest FAQs

General Information

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is 3pm. Check-out is anytime before 10:00 AM. Early check-in and late check-out are by request only.

How do we get to the mountains? Which are the closest resorts?

All of our accommodation has a ski resort shuttle within walking distance. We strongly believe that having a car in Hakuba will maximize your trip enjoyment. The closest resorts are Happo-One Resort (3 min drive from our accommodation), Hakuba47 (5 min drive), Iwatake & Goryu Resorts (6 min drive each). There is a very active bus system in Hakuba with each resort having at least one bus stop in Echoland.

Is there a supermarket close by?

Yes – there are 3 supermarkets in the local area, less than 5 minutes drive away. We personally recommend Acoop for the best selection of fresh foods. Big/Aeon has a very large selection of packaged foods. Delicia has a good fish selection. Start with Acoop.

Is there parking space for vehicles at the chalet?

Yes, we have space for at least two vehicles per chalet. Most of our chalets have heated parking lots and sidewalks. Some chalets have 3 or more spots available. If you need additional parking, it is available less than 2 minutes drive away at our office. Please do not park on neighbouring property – as hefty fines, up to 50,000 JPY, may be incurred.

Where is Hakuba White Fox Company based?

Our chalets are located in Echoland, Hakuba & the surrounding Misorano area – perfectly positioned to shops, bars, restaurants and easy access to the ski resort shuttle buses.

All of our chalet pages show the location on a map – click here to check the location of the chalet you are interested in.

Do your chalets have a minimum night stay?

Our standard is a 5 night minimum stay starting from Dec 20 through February period, but we certainly will take requests for shorter periods! Contact us to check or browse dates online.

How many people can stay in the chalet?

Each chalet can sleep minimally 6 people. Here is the standard guest number and the maximum guest number (by adding futons). The first number is the standard number and the second number is the maximum number. Alpinarc2 (6/6), Villa Bavaria (6/6), Grey Wolf (6/7), Black Crane (6/9), White Fox (6/9), Villa Sono (6/8), Bikei (7/8), Cherrywoods Place (8/8), Everglow (8/8), Villa Lily (8/11), Sanzan (9/10), Ahiru (10/10), Aoi (10/11), Alpinarc4 (10/10), Silver Maple (10/12), Alpinarc6 (16/16)

Can I have friends / family stay over?

Our Chalets are for registered guests only. Please let our Guest Services team know if there will be additional guests joining the group.

Can I smoke in the chalets?

All of our properties are non-smoking. Guests will be levied a minimum 50000 yen fine or 1-night fee for smoking in the chalet. We provide ashtrays outside. Please do not litter.

Who can I contact in case I need assistance?

If it is not urgent, please email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you require immediate help, please contact our Guest Services team at: +81-261-85-4676.


What amenities are provided in the chalet?

All chalets provide the same high quality amenities. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap are all provided in the chalet. Hairdryers and bathmats are provided in each bathroom, and you’ll find bath towels and hand towels in each bedroom. A laundry machine & separate clothes dryer along with laundry detergent is in each chalet. All of our chalets have fully equipped kitchens – cutlery, dishware, glassware, and standard kitchen equipment. Most chalets have ovens now, but please ask if this is important to you. There are also kitchen cleaning supplies such as sponges, dishwashing liquid and dishwashing soap for the dishwasher. Complimentary coffee and tea are supplied. For babies & young children, we can provide baby cots, high chairs, baby gates, and baby utensils.

Are the chalets equipped with WIFI?

Yes, all of our chalets have strong, reliable, WIFI internet connections. We hate slow internet.

What type of kitchen tools and equipment do you have?

Our kitchen is stocked with all of the basics – an IH stovetop, pots and pans, plates and bowls, glassware, cutlery, spatulas, tongs, ladles – the works.

We stock oil / salt / pepper. Please purchase anything else you need at Acoop. Amazon Japan is amazing with nearly every product delivered the next day.

Are the chalets equipped with heaters?

All of the chalets have underfloor heating installed in all rooms with individual control switches to fine tune the temperature of the chalet.

Where do we store our ski and snowboard gear?

Every chalet has a private dry room or area where you can store and dry your gear overnight.

Cash & Credit Cards

Are credit cards accepted in Hakuba?

We would always check first. It used to be no credit cards, but things have changed a lot in the last couple of years. Still – always bring cash.

Where can I exchange / withdraw money?

You can use your debit / credit card to withdraw money from the cash machine located in the Misorano 7-11 convenience store (15 minute walk from Hakuba Base Camp), or at the Happo Bus Terminal. Be sure to check with your bank if you are able to use the card overseas.


How do I get from the airport to Hakuba / my accommodation unit?

There are two major airports in Tokyo: Narita and Haneda airport. Depending on which airport you arrive at, and the time of day you get here, the ideal travel route will vary. If you have able body people, going to Tokyo station, then taking the bullet train to Nagano, followed by a pre-booked taxi is probably the simplest way. If there are young children or older guests, the simplest route is usually booking a private car from the aiport direct to the chalet. Please contact us if you need assistance working out the best route to Hakuba, we’d be happy to help.

Should I rent a car?

It is not necessary to rent a car, but we feel that by renting one, it will take your trip from good to amazing. There are 10 local resorts located in the Hakuba Valley – and busses are often busy, and infrequent. Taxi can be nearly impossible to book in busy times. With a car, you would have the ability and flexibility to drive to any of the 10 resorts of your choice with ease – and with an All Mountain Valley Pass, you could even do two resorts in one day should you want to switch it up! On days you’ll be spending off the slopes, you can take the car and venture into the surrounding area to explore culture, food, and everything that the Nagano region has to offer. Visit: if you’d like to have a car arranged for you. We have limited supplies of cars so it is advised to book these at the time of booking your accommodation. All accommodation guests that also book a car through White Fox Car Rental will have it delivered and picked up from their chalet.

NOTE: You will need an international drivers license, or another drivers license valid in Japan, in order to rent a car. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the legality of your license.

Is it easy to get a taxi?

Taxis are very busy in Hakuba, especially during peak hours (7:00 am – 10:30 am // 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm). Taxis can be up to a 1.5 hour wait during evening hours, so if you do eat out and plan to get a taxi back, let the restaurant know to call you one before you sit down. It is highly advised to reserve a taxi any time you need one, as it is very difficult to flag one down.

Can I get around town / get to ski resorts by bus?

There are a few busses that go around town and to most of the ski resorts. They do get quite busy during peak hour, so head to the bus stop early. The closest bus stop to our accommodation units is HAKUBA BASE CAMP / BEAR’S CAFE

Which is the closest ski resort and how long does it take to get there?

The closest resort is Happo-One resort, which takes under 10 minutes by car. Goryu, 47, and Iimori are also close – just under 15 minutes by car.

Ski School / Back Country / Ski Hire

Which ski school do you recommend?

Our preferred partner for ski schools for private lessons is Hakuba Ski Concierge. They are a fully private lesson only company based out of Hakuba47 resort. They provide full pick up and drop off services, highly customizable for your needs. We also recommend Hakuba Snow Sports and Frontier Snow School. Their instructors are all Internationally Trained and Qualified and have years of teaching experience around the world.

Visit: to book.
Visit: to book.
Visit: to book.

Where can I hire ski / snowboard gear?

We recommend Central Snowsports and Rhythm Japan. Central have a store located close to all of our chalets in Echoland. Rhythm have a beautiful store in Wadano worth visiting with great coffee. Both are excellent and we recommend both.

I want to explore the back-country, what’s the best way?

Hiring a guide is highly recommended if you plan to go back country skiing and snowboarding. A guide not only knows the best local terrain, but is also is trained in the case there is an avalanche / someone gets lost. A guide can also help take care of logistics like transport to/from the tour and renting equipment. We recommend using Northern Heights Guiding, with their strong experience and professionalism. They have 20 years of experience in Hakuba and will offer you a safe and incredible experience.


Is there a hospital close by, with doctors that speak English?

The closest clinic is SHINTANI CLINIC which is located about 5 minutes away from Hakuba Base Camp by car. They deal with most common injures / ailments, but will refer you to a specialist should they not be able to treat you. The doctors / nurses do speak a little English, but not much. If it is a serious accident / ailment, one of our team members will be able to assist with translations.

For more serious conditions, OMACHI HOSPITAL is a hospital located 30 minutes by car, and has a much bigger facility with more equipment, doctors, and nurses. Not many of the staff here speak English but are equipped to deal with emergencies.

Is there a local dentist?

Yes, there are a few dentists in Hakuba that would be able to visit, but would only be recommended to go in the case of an emergency.

Is there a recommended physiotherapist in the Hakuba?

For any on-slope injuries / body care, visit HAKUBA PHYSIO.

All of the staff are english speaking, advanced skiers or snowboarders with extensive knowledge of the specific strains winter sports places on the body and experience diagnosing most winter sports injuries.


Is there anywhere I can get a massage?

HAKUBA PHYSIO offers deep tissue or relaxation massages to release tension, facilitate recovery, soothe achy muscles, and release tight joints.

We can also arrange to have a masseuse to come to your accommodation unit to give you an in-house massage.

Please ask a member from our guest service team for more information.


Are there any onsens located in the vicinity?

There are many onsens in the local area, many of them located within a 10 minute drive from our accommodation units. Please ask our guest services team for personal recommendations.

What are some popular activities to do off the slope?

Make the best of your rest day and explore the Nagano region for your cultural fix. The Snow Monkey Park, Zenkoji temple, Matsumoto City, and Itoigawa Fish Markets are all popular options. Inquire for more details.

Dining Out

What’s the best restaurant to eat at?

There are a lot of fantastic dining options in Hakuba – something for everyone. Please refer to our RESTAURANT GUIDE for our personal favorites.

Are there vegetarian / vegan / gluten free options available?

Yes, there are restaurants that would be able to cater to your dietary requirements. Please ask our guest services team for a list of restaurants that would be able to accommodate you.

Are restaurant reservations required?

If you have a restaurant you definitely want to try out, a reservation is highly recommended. The popular restaurants in Hakuba tend to book our days in advance, so book early!