• Premium Property Management

  • Why Us?

    White Fox Co. is a Premium Property Management company with a mission of providing a high-level service that satisfies both owners and guests. We originally were attracted to the Hakuba market because of the amazing mountains and incredible area. With the Hakuba boom of the last few years, we recognized the need for a high quality, full service property management company that is willing to put owners and guests interest first. We're a team of highly motivated individuals that want to raise the level of service provided and deliver amazing ski holidays and green season adventures. And, we operate all year. While it's crucial to get winter bookings, upwards of 25% of revenue comes from non-winter rentals. We actively seek non-winter guests to maximize your returns.

    Rental vs Non-Rental Property

    1. Short Term Rental - Personal Use + Rental

    2. Non Rental Model - Personal Use


    We cater to both models. As owners, we understand sometimes you want to rent your home out and sometimes you don't want to rent it out. We fit our business to work with what works for you. If you want to book your home for 2 weeks in winter and rent it out the rest of the year, we're happy to provide that for you. We know that many of you love the mountains and built your home with your own personal use in mind. Also, if you only want to use it yourself and not rent it out, we also are happy to do that as well. We cater our services to your needs.

  • How It Works

    Short Term Rental


    Onboard Your Property

    We analyze your property from bottom to top, optimizing pricing, online presence, and adding products & services we know your guests want!


    We Take Care of The Entire Managing Process

    From bookings to cleanings to paying bills, you can be completely hands off and confident in our service.


    You Are a Happy Customer!

    A great management team means you have less worries and more time to spend where you want.

  • Steve Lowe - Feb 2019

    Amazing place to stay. Clean, modern, spacious and warm. The heated floors are great! The beds are really good and the location is super convenient

    George Pippos - Feb 2019

    Excellent information and services (shuttle buses, help with bookings etc) provided by the owner and staff. The place had awesome facilities and was exactly what was needed for our purposes (snow sports, close to the main strip of shops and free bus pickup/drop off).

    Cyronel Duss - May 2018

    We spent a weekend at Hakuba White Fox Chalet and I wish we stayed longer! Our stay was very comfortable and relaxing and my 2-year old son loved how open and bright the living room was. It's also conveniently located in the middle of Echoland which was a huge plus as restaurants/cafes and shops are just a few steps away. Will definitely go back!

    Ruby - July 2018

    エコーランドには美味しいお店が並んでいますので、White foxからお酒を飲んでタクシーを使わずに歩いて帰れる距離なのが嬉しい。こちらのヴィラは冬のシーズンはお部屋がすぐに埋まってしまうので早目に予約をしないと取れないそうです。夏も自然を感じられるアクティビティや温泉が沢山
    あり子供を連れて行くのには最高の場所です。また白馬に訪れる際にはWhite Fox Chaletを利用させて頂いきます。素敵な時間をありがとうございました!

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