• Chalet BiKei

    New for Winter 2019-20.

    Panoramic Mountain Views + A rock climbing wall!

    You'll be thoroughly impressed when walking into Chalet BiKei. Located less than 2 minute drive from Echoland and the closest resort shuttles are 4 minutes walk away. This stunning chalet has full mountain views from Hakuba Goryu to past Happo-One. It is truly stunning to see from the dining room, the living room, or from the bedrooms. It comes with an elevated living room and features a 2-story tall internal rockclimbing wall. It's 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, has stunning finishes and a strong modern Japanese feel. There are many little touches here that will impress. Can sleep 7 comfortably and expands to 8+.

  • 2020-2021 Rates

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    Prices below are for our 3 bedroom chalets: White Fox, Black Crane, Grey Wolf

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    Spring - Autumn

    Mar 7 - Dec 11

    60,000 JPY + tax


    Dec 12-18

    Feb 14-Mar 6

    75,000 JPY + tax


    Dec 19-23

    Jan 10 - Feb 5

    99,000 JPY+ tax

    Holiday Peak

    Dec 24-Jan 9

    Feb 6-Feb 13

    109,000 JPY+ tax

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